Zep Parts Washer

Better Solvents. Less Waste. No Contracts.

Our 2-step filtration lowers your costs by extending the life of Zep Professional Parts Washer Solvents and eliminating the need for expensive hazardous liquid disposal.

Designed for fast, efficient, and economical cleaning of dirty or greasy parts.

Zep Professional’s two-step filtration system extends solvent life and helps protect the environment. Instead of large volumes of potentially-hazardous fluid hauled off from the work-site, only the filter elements are disposed of. The filters remove particles down to 10 microns (with optional element), and the trap filter bag removes oils and greases –extending solvent life.


Parts Washer Solvent: This parts washer solvent removes accumulated soil, grease, and oil deposits from all types of metal. Safer, reduced flammability formula has higher 143°F flash point compared to mineral spirits (107°F).

Parts Washer Solvent with Citrus: This highly effective parts washer solvent contains a blend of petroleum and citrus terpene solvents. Removes oil, grease, tar and other soils from a wide variety of surfaces. Pleasant citrus fragrance deodorizes as it cleans.


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