For any industrial application, Minco has you covered for all of your tools, shop supplies, personal and industrial safety equipment, and material handling.

With a 60,000-square-foot warehouse in Middletown, Pennsylvania, and other distribution points nationwide, Minco stands ready to fill your industrial and safety needs. Contact us today!

Road Maintenance

Winter Road Maintenance Snow Plow

For three decades, Minco has provided quality replacement parts for highway and township snow removal and salt spreading, covering all of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Vermont, and other surrounding states. We have been a primary supplier to Penn DOT since 1991.

Other Product Lines

Power Bearings

Minco is an authorized distributor of various lines of power transmission products including motors, reducers, sprockets, chain, drives, and bearings. We also carry a complete line of pulleys and industrial rollers for all applications. We are also your one-stop source for all types of belting. Distributing through Mulhern Belting, we stock every type of belt, including food-grade, incline, PVC, general purpose and heavy-duty belting, for all industrial applications at competitive prices with timely delivery.

One Way Rollers


We also feature our patented One-Way Gravity Roller. When you don’t want your product to drift backward in your production, our One-Way Gravity Roller is the perfect choice.

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