Annual Charity Golf Tournament

August 24, 2015

Here at Minco Industrial Services we are proud to be a supporter of the 2015 Bell & Evans Annual Charity Golf Tournament.  It was a beautiful day for this event, and it was great to see all of the surrounding businesses come together for a great cause.  We would like to thank Scott Sechler and the rest of the Bell & Evans staff for allowing us to be included in this event.  Also our prayers and hearts go out to all Read More

Poultry Transport Carts

August 17, 2015

These Poultry Transport Carts are an example of one of our services we provide.  We enjoy taking parts/equipment and redesigning them to be more efficient, more durable, and a better overall product for our customer.  We follow a process that starts with redesign/drawings, photo realistic presentation, Prototype, and presentation of finished product.  This is a service that we are well known for and we pride ourselves on this service.  Please contact us for any questions…

Penn DOT Stone Plate

August 17, 2015

Here at Minco Industrial Services we are proud of what we have to offer the DOT locations.  This is one of our patented items that is causing a stir in the field.  We were able to work directly with Penn DOT on this item.  We took their desires/needs and brought them a finished product that fit those directly.  This Stone Plate design has been very successful in terms of longevity to itself and also to the other equipment while paving Read More